Essential Oils

Discover our Essential Elements products range with 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils.
Air Sanitizers, Massage Oils, Aromatic Cosmetic and many more to come soon…


You will love Paris Elysees selection of Fragrances for Man & Woman!
All our parfumes are Grasse originated (Provence, France).

IRIS Diffuser

Meet IRIS, Pure Atmosphere Diffuser with unique & patented refill caps system.
When aromatherapy meets luminotherapy in a trendy design.

Discover more about Paris Elysees classical Fragrances for Man and Woman or dig into the Essential Oils universe with Essential Elements products range… Visit our online shop now!

Aromatic Cosmetic

Essential Care by Essential Elements.

Always faithful to essential oils, Paris Elysees launch on his Essential Elements (E²) range 3 new aromatic skincare products designed to promote articular, circulatory and respiratory well-being and to enhance skin, quite naturelly.
This products applied localy complement the other references to use for an atmospheric diffusion.

No Parabens – No Aluminium Salts – No Colorants

They all contain a synergy of 10 to 18 essential oils EOBBD (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined) 100% pure and natural carefully selected for their specific properties.

Aromatic Cosmetic with Essential Oils by Essential Elements for Les Laboratoires Paris Elysees

IRIS diffuser

The first essential oil diffuser with ready-to-use scented capsules.

Laboratoires PARIS ELYSEES introduces you IRIS, an exceptional fragrance diffuser with a patented design.
Breath a purest air, sanitize and perfume your living places, free your mind thanks to its huge refill caps variety with 100% pure and natural Essential Oils.
Paris Elysées Group, an established player in the world of perfumes, created Laboratoires Paris Elysees to develop a new range of products exclusively formulated with 100% pure and natural essential oils, Essential Elements (E2).

Air Sanitizers

For over 20 years, Laboratoires Paris Elysees travels the world with curiosity and passion in search of the best natural raw materials for perfumery.
Passionate about aromatherapy, Laboratoires Paris Elysees has created a wide range of aromatic products named Essential Elements to facilitate our daily lives naturally.

First Opus with a line of three Air Sanitizer atmosphere diffusers…

> The most Sanitizer : E² – Air + Sane (spray 200ml)
> The most Protective : E² – Breath Booster (spray 75ml)
> The most Soothing : E² – Sleep Serenity (spray 75ml)

Air Sanitizers with Essential Oils by Essential Elements for Laboratoires Paris Elysees
Fragrances for Man and Woman by Paris Elysees

Fragrances for Man & Woman

It is from Grasse, known as the capital of perfume since the XVII th century, that Paris Elysees implements the expert testimony of the Masters of the invaluable trade of perfumer to consolidate all his olfactive compositions.

Paris Elysees meets all international standards of REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) and IFRA (International Fragrance Association).

From the selection of the essences used for the development of fragrance to the packaging, all our products are carefully monitored to offer our customers a complete satisfaction.

The experience, accumulated over the years positioned now Paris Elysees as a reference in the international brands distribution.

For over 30 years Paris Elysees product have been disributed worldwide and more than 250 million perfumes were sold throughout Europe, South America, the Middle East and India.

What Customers say about us


Thank you for the discovery of IRIS, very nice design, easy to use, choice of color gives a Zen ambiance, the smell is very nice and you feel from the first use a feeling of well being and relaxation, no need to connect too long, the price caps is a little high but it’s still a great product, I recommend!

Beatrice1028Club Expert

Very nice design easy to use, the capsules are easy to install a Zen atmosphere the scent of sanitizing capsule breathes well being it seems to breathe better.
Spray Air + Sane also is great also feels long enough and really cools the air…
A word: I love!

FuteorcaClub Expertes

I loved this IRIS, I am fully discover the essential oils and I also enjoy the smell as well as the device.
Thank you!

5clovisClub Expertes

IRIS is a beautiful and sleek design diffuser! with its LED lighting that changes color, it emits a soft light for essential oils, odor and flavor spreads quietly and cleaned the house!
With refills capsules (very easy to install!) There is a choice between several sets of essential oils “Breath-Booster“, “Air+Sane” and “Sleep Serenity.” price refills is I find very correct.
I tried it and adopted!

CeC488Club Expertes

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About Us

Because beauty is synonymous with trust and responsibility.

Who wants to protect the beauty, must treat it with respect and care.
Paris Elysées treats the environment with the utmost respect.
This is precisely the kind that gives us a very large number of valuable substances from which we manufacture all our products.
We transposons indeed the secret of the best natural ingredients in all our ranges.
Responsibility, respect for the environment, quality, efficiency and accessibility: these are our principles and our deepest conviction.

  • Crafted with love

    Quality confirmed, the result of over 30 years of expertise and more then 30 millions fragrances sold over the world.

  • Economical prices

    An efficient price, thanks to its direct implementation in production.

  • Better selection

    A strict selection to the origin of its raw materials, its fragrance and essential oils.

  • Naturally respectful

    All our products are natural and eco-friendly.

Discover more about Paris Elysees classical Fragrances for Man and Woman or dig into the Essential Oils universe with Essential Elements products range… Visit our online shop now!

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